A Man of Communion (Priest Spirituality Essay 2004)
Charism and Charismatic (Grace Essay 2004)
Contemplation to Attain Love (Ignatian Spirituality Essay 2004)
Grasping the Nettle (Church Management Essay 2002)
Indoles saecularis of the Laity (Church Essay 2002)
Journeying through the Wildernness (S.T.L. Thesis 2004)
Metodologie praktické teologie (Skripta KTF UK 2007)
Pastorační rady farností jako realizace synodality (Ph.D. dizertace 2009)
Pleasing the Lord (Consecrated Life Essay 2003)
Reform and Renewal (M.A. Thesis 2002)
Secular character of the Laity? (Spirituality Laity Essay 2002)
Theoria in the Christian East (History Spirituality Essay 2003)
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